About Us

Health Informatrix was initiated in 2009 when there comes a need to understand the Healthcare IT Industry. Many Entrepreneurs are working around the globe to facilitate and to motivate the Healthcare Providers to bring them on board with latest technology tools and techniques, so they can continue providing with best of their services.

While working under Healthcare IT Industry, we felt that despite of having a Technology Era, Healthcare Industry is still lacking with the Better Healthcare. Health Informatrix initially started working with the mission to provide proper guidelines and appropriate facts and figures, so that Healthcare Industry should be continued with serving to their patients.

Many Healthcare Givers are still reluctant to gain the access of Technology due to the concern that they believe, by adopting this kind of technology, they are limited to the Patient care and are more focused to the Technology.

At Health Informatrix we have one motive that we “Provide Solutions Not Features!!!”, which makes us unique from others in the Healthcare Industry. We work to hunt the best options available and merging them together, so that Healthcare Givers should be accommodated while providing Healthcare Services to their patients.

Our Vision

Our Vision at Health Informatrix is yet simple, that we work for Healthcare Industry by implementing the right Technology use, so that everyone should be facilitated. We totally believe that we need to work closely with Healthcare Professionals and we need to merge ourselves with them to better understand the Healthcare Industry. Our idea is not a new but we consider it as one of the biggest hurdle within this industry.

At Health Informatrix we have a very simple and clear vision, “To Help Healthcare Industry”. We collaborate with different healthcare professionals on many of their complicated projects and try to understand their needs. In Health Informatrix Globe we share our ideas and innovations with different vendors, IT Professionals, Healthcare givers and with different consultants to make sure that Healthcare industry should work with smoother transactions.

We are not a consulting Firm nor we are servicing agents, but we are a platform, where we unit, share, learn and implement the solutions together rather than implementing complex features.

Providing Solutions with no Matrix of Features really makes us unique and competent within the market and raises many questions on us that how exactly we are working on it and answer is simple, that we don’t want to deploy any features as Healthcare Givers are still facing problems to understand such kind of features. To understand these features, we bring the solutions to every Healthcare Professional. That is what we do and that is what our ultimate goal is, “IMPLEMENT SOLUTIONS NOT FEATURES”.