HITRUST partners with Trend Micro to share key info on cyber threats

HITRUST, a coalition of industry stakeholders collaborating to better protect protected health data, has partnered with data security vendor Trend Micro to increase the cyber threats sharing capabilities of the HITRUST Cyber Threat XChange, which collects, analyzes and distributes cyber threat information.

The agencies will develop the HITRUST Cyber Threat Management and Response Center to go beyond collecting and distributing threat data, like indicators of compromise (IOC), by offering resources to assist stakeholders better understand the data and react to it to mitigate a cyber threats.

“What is new is having stakeholders spend time trying to increase the collection and dissemination of IOCs, but what has been lost is that information sharing must be part of an overall threat management strategy or there is no value,” says Daniel Nutkis, CEO at HITRUST.

His organization traced the WannaCry and Petya ransomware viruses almost two weeks before healthcare organizations were affected, yet several provider agencies were not able to effectively understand and use the information, he adds.

The new response center will support access to millions of additional sensors from Trend Micro that collect indicators of compromise, with quicker and more detailed analysis of threats, access to more healthcare-specific threat information, new resources to support community engagement and assistance, and enhanced tracking and monthly reporting of cyber threats.

As healthcare agencies mature in their cyber capabilities, they will need more information on security methods and best practices.

In short, HITRUST required more assistance to recognize and communicate threats. The agency has a handful of threat researchers, while Trend Micro has thousands. “We need additional analytical capabilities, and partnering was the best approach,” Nutkis adds.

Trend Micro has 52 million sensors sniffing out cyber threats, getting information to consumers quicker and can assist HITRUST develop new ways to deliver threat information to different types of organizations in a manner that all organizations can understand. Trend Micro gives HITRUST scale and reach.

HITRUST offers various basic cyber protection services and education for free for a set number of users. As agencies add more users they start to pay for the services deployed on the number of users. Basic access to the HITRUST CTX that gathers and distributes threat information is free and will continue to be, and basic access to the new Cyber Threat Management and Response Center also is free.

The response center will be available on the day of October 1. Under the partnership with Trend Micro, HITRUST users can submit suspicious code and other indicators of compromise to HITRUST’s threat management center that includes Trend Micro personnel, and the code will be reviewed at no cost.


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