Innovaccer Inc. Inaugurates New ACO Initiative to Help IPAs & Providers Transition

Innovaccer Inc., a Silicon Valley-based Healthcare analytics company has started a ‘no cost’ initiative to give assistance to Independent Physician Associations (IPAs) and other transforming provider agencies to transition into an Accountable Care Organization (ACOs)

The idea of value has become notable in the advancing healthcare. Care teams are developing room for improvement in care delivery to bring down the cost of care with a better quality of care. The complexity and competition linked with value-based reimbursement need IPAs and other provider agencies to remain flexible with strategically transforming healthcare.

Innovaccer Inc. will give a consultation on the complete roadmap encompassing:

– Participation options: ACOs can apply to engage in various Shared Savings Program tracks. As per the current situation and future aims, Innovaccer Inc. will assist provider organization to identify the most suitable option for themselves.

– Eligibility Criteria: Detailed information on all the clauses that is essential to be fulfilled to become an ACO.

– Health IT backbone: The type of IT backbone needed to assist the ACO succeeds and the investment needed to develop such IT infrastructure.

– Delivering and maintaining the quality of care: Value-Based performance analytics needed to track all payer contracts by quality and cost measures to recognize improvement opportunities and beat benchmarks.

– Expense control and Network utilization: Comprehending what are the huge cost drivers to identify leakages, manage costs in the network across all regions, facilities, and providers and increase network utilization.

“We’ve been working with IPA and ACO customers for a while now and have been delivering increasingly better clinical outcomes for them. We are happy to extend our resources and technical acumen to IPAs and other growing provider agencies to tackle the sharp learning curve to becoming a victorious ACO, with every requirement of this transition – right from understanding eligibility criteria and participation choices to improving physician communication and quality of care,” claims Abhinav Shashank, Co-founder and CEO at Innovaccer.

Innovaccer was recently elected by Mercy ACO, one of the largest value-focused agencies in the Mid-west as the technology partner to deliver value-based care. Innovaccer has also worked with several other key IPAs and ACOs towards improving clinical and financial outcomes, helped by Datashop – Innovaccer’s proprietary end-to-end value-based care solution.


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